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environmental and energy policy

We - the management of the Hanomag Lohnhärterei Group - dedicate ourselves to run our business in line with requirements of the environmental and energy policy. Therefore we provide the required personal capacities and investment, further we organize suitable trainings and provide the required running costs.


Our aim is to set and cultivate an environmental management system and an energy management system based on DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001. Consequently, we pay attention to environmental and energy management since 2008. We have developed our facilities accordingly to these norms. The whole Hanomag Lohnhärterei Group got certified in May 2013. Our facility in Hannover has already been certified with an environmental management system in 2009 and with an energy management system in 2012.


Protection and preservation of the environment are essential components of our corporate philosophy. We dedicate ourselves to run our business in line with requirements set by the needs for a safe and environmentally friendly production of our services. Our processes shall be economical in the consumption of energy and natural resources. Our products shall be suitable for recycling and a safe waste disposal. For this reason we check each new process and product in advance in its effects on the environment and energy consumption. If economically and qualitatively accepted, we prefer the purchase of energy efficient products and services.

We choose the latest manufacturing processes and improve them continuously. This helps us to reduce the energy consumption and the required raw materials, as well as to minimize environmental damage and the amount of waste. In order to realize this aim we have imposed an environmental and energy program.


We do not only fulfill all legal requirements and environmental regulations, but we also take the initiative in further measures to preserve the environment and reduce energy waste.


All employees of the Hanomag are involved in our environmental and energy policy and its realization. Our staff is requested to participate in the continuous process of improving our environmental and energy related issues in order to achieve the strategic goals.


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