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Mission statement

The Mission Statement of the Hanomag Heat Treatment Group

Values that are important to us:

Independence: We support profitable growth and sustainable appreciation in value. The basis of our success lies in an effective management system and the consequent realisation of synergy within all business fields and subsidiaries

Flexibility: The ability to meet commitments and to react flexibly to changes in quantities or dates demonstrates our desire to maintain good customer relations. We always try to satisfy customer demands wherever possible.

Mutuality: We make clear to our business partners that we wish to form long-term business relations from which both sides can benefit.  We aspire to business relations in which the partners have equal rights.

Reliability: We constantly and reliably meet our performance targets in business relations, with consistent high-quality. We undertake regular quality control testing and optimisation of our processes.

Open communication: Informed decisions are based on good information.  The need for open exchange of all relevant information between business partners goes without saying for us.  Open communication helps both and strengthens mutual trust.

Planning: We include our business partners in the planning of future transactions and inform them in good time of any changes in the company.

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