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quality assurance policy

The ISO/TS 16949 or ISO 9001 in conjunction with the internal quality assurance policy of Hanomag Heat Treatment Group form the basis for the quality assurance handbook, the guidelines of which are adhered to on all sites.

The entire Hanomag Heat Treatment Group is certified according to
ISO/TS 16949 or ISO 9001.


Our quality assurance policy is based on four principles:

Continuous process of improvement

We don’t want to produce a one-off show of strength, rather we want to achieve continual, step-by-step improvements by recognising areas with improvement potential, introducing the applying the appropriate measures and adhering to them systematically.

A learning organisation

We want to use the experience, which we gather every day in our organisation, for the good of our customers.

Fostering quality assurance

The awareness of the need to continuously improve must be fostered within an organisation.  Quality assurance is a business philosophy that cannot be delegated

Involving our employees

To ensure that the quality assurance philosophy is supported by the entire organisation all employees must be aware of the personal benefits.  It is their ideas and suggestions for improvements which advance the company.  For this reason we have an internal system for making, evaluating and implementing suggestions


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